The Mummy

Difficulty: ★★☆☆   Fear Factor: ★★☆☆   Time: 60 min

Minimum Age: 16 (12 with adult)

Welcome, brave adventurers, to The Mummy; an immersive journey into the heart of an ancient Egyptian tomb. Test your wits and skills while uncovering the secrets of this ancient legend at our escape room in Melbourne. As the heavy doors creak open, revealing a dimly lit chamber adorned with mystical hieroglyphics and relics of a bygone era, you can feel the weight of history surrounding you. The air is thick with the scent of forgotten secrets and the whispers of lost souls.

Legend has it that within this sacred burial ground, the spirits of enslaved people remain trapped, yearning for release. It is your noble task to embark on a treacherous exploration, delving deeper into the depths of the tomb, solving riddles, and unravelling the mysteries of The Mummy.

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