Prison Breaks

Difficulty: ★★★★☆ Fear Factor: ★☆☆☆☆ Players: 3-6 Time: 60 min

Minimum Age: 16 (12 with adult)


Welcome, intrepid souls, to Prison Breaks; an exhilirating journey through the corridors of a maximum-security facility. Search and navigate the world's most formidable prison, where three criminal masterminds once orchestrated their daring escapes. Now, with their memories mysteriously erased, it's up to you to retrace their steps and unearth the hidden clues they left behind.

As the cell doors slam shut, you find yourselves engulfed in the shadowy realms of this high-security maze. The air is tense with the echoes of clanging metal and screams of fellow inmates. Each cell and corridor holds the remnants of ingenious escape plans, waiting to be pieced together by you.

This is not just a test of skill but a race against time. Decode cryptic messages, unravel complex puzzles, and dodge the ever-watchful eyes of the guards. Are you ready to delve into the minds of masterminds and unveil the secrets that led to their legendary escapes? Only the most cunning and courageous will break free from "Prison Breaks". Your journey begins now – will you emerge victorious or remain confined within these impenetrable walls?